6 Characteristics Of An Empowered Woman

What does it mean to be an empowered woman? Furthermore, what does empowerment look like? All outward signs of power begin as characteristics of the mind and heart. While many qualities can be seen in women of influence, let’s boil these down to the six primary characteristics of an empowered woman. 

1. Confident

Self-confidence can be the most obvious of characteristics in empowered women. The ability to believe in yourself in the face of opposition would be nonexistent without confidence. You can see this in the way a woman expresses or carries herself. An empowered woman isn’t afraid to challenge herself regarding an opportunity.

2. Eager

Life is a marathon, and you must be eager to perform well. A hunger to grow the mind, improve the body, and enhance your skill set does not come naturally. Individuals who understand their power and purpose are eager to fulfil that purpose. 

You have enthusiasm for the process when you see your path as a goal to accomplish. Each decision you make requires specific regard for what you hope to achieve. Without that enthusiasm, it’s easy to become burnt out along the way. A woman who is confident in what she wants ought to also be eager on the journey to getting it. 

3. Humble

Power must always be balanced with humility. It may sound counter-intuitive, but a servant’s heart is one of the primary perspectives behind true empowerment. To be humble is to accept that there is room for aspiration, which is essential for meeting your goals.

A humble character can healthily perceive their own mistakes. From these mistakes, an empowered woman grows stronger. You must be humble enough to challenge yourself, push the limit, and make possible the things others have told you weren’t. 

4. Gracious

Genuinely empowered women should not be greedy with their success but be gracious to those who need it. Being gracious might mean you give time and money to charities, organisations, or projects that you are passionate about. With success comes the opportunity to bless those who have not been able to find success in their own lives. This characteristic is so important for giving back to and growing our communities. 

On the other hand, grace is also necessary for our interactions with others. Negativity can strangle our best efforts by distracting our minds and purpose. An empowered woman is slow to bitterness and open to healing. Being gracious isn’t an excuse for ignorance or remaining in situations or journeys that are harmful to you. It means prioritising your mental health by opting to see the hope over the negativity around you.

5. Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence in empowered women helps in withstanding the hardships of their journey. It’s an essential skill necessary for perseverance. We’re all humans here, and with that comes a roller coaster of influence from how our mind interprets our situations. 

When someone is emotionally intelligent, they understand how their emotions influence their experience. How do you react to positive and negative triggers? With power comes powerful circumstances: challenges, hopes, dreams, purpose, failures, wins, etc. These concepts carry heavy emotional weight; it can be challenging to succeed without understanding your own emotional experience. 

6. Independent

Independence is necessary for an empowered woman to trust that she is capable. Fear of failure can often be a step back. We all have some form of a safety net in our life, often genuine people who care for our safety and well-being. While the intention may be pure, the reality is that we can’t fully grow if we’re never allowed to succeed or fail on our own. 

While an empowered woman understands the value of independence, they also have the humility to know when help is necessary. Support exists not to take the objective away from you but to come alongside and help you meet it. Take responsibility for what you need to do and be willing to recognise when you need someone else to step in. 


These six characteristics are ones you’ll find in all empowered women. They are the building blocks to realising your dreams and aspirations because they all come from an internal acceptance of your identity. Focus on these qualities, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation that can take place in every avenue of your life.