6 Signs You Are An Empowered Woman

What is a woman of power? For many, the idea of empowerment can be confusing or even, at times, unattainable. People often look externally for influences or even opportunities for empowerment. 

The truth is that true power is an internal quality; it’s characteristics that support your individuality and your journey. Here is an easy guide to an empowered woman’s six essential attributes.

You know your identity. 

An empowered woman has first to understand who she is. Your identity is an ever-present mixing of who you were, who you are, and whom you want to be. This identity is often wrapped up in your purpose and what you hope you achieve in life. Without knowing who you are, you’ll be conformed and transformed by the influences of the world around you. 

You set goals. 

We often measure power by one’s ability to succeed, accomplish, or overcome. Without a goal, you’re leaving your outcomes and future to chance. Those with goals around you will often exert pressure, leaving the progress of your dreams to their decisions. 

An empowered woman not only sets goals but actively works to accomplish them. Prioritising your objectives drive you on your mission. When you form this habit, you become agile in the face of adversity. You take control back into your own hands and, with it, the power to succeed. 

You never stop learning. 

Learning is fundamental to empowerment. As you learn, you begin to evolve into who you are and what you are capable of. Many great minds today and throughout history have attributed their success to continued learning. While it may be daunting to admit we need to learn more, this practice is essential to growing into whom we want to be. 

Expanding your mind can and should be individualised for everyone. Formalised schooling can be a common and straightforward way to challenge your thinking. At the same time, specialised education through apprenticeships and mentor-mentee relationships can be a great way to build practical skills. Grow in what you know, and expose yourself to new opportunities for empowerment.

You take care of yourself. 

An empowered woman understands the importance of self-care. We can be our own biggest supporters or even our worst enemy. All the external care and support in the world means nothing without you being able to accept and receive it. When you believe you are powerful, you will also begin to see it. 

Start by reaffirming your identity daily. Love yourself and not only the things you can do but also who you are, your internal personality, and your external body image. Your body and mind are how you accomplish all things, so take care of them. 

Eat food that helps you function while also knowing when to treat yourself. Prepare every morning to shine confidently while knowing that external beauty is only ever a reflection of your inner beauty and self-worth. Finally, understand that life is a marathon, not a sprint; you deserve a break.

You build up your surroundings. 

Empowered women, empower women. In finding your identity and purpose, you become an example for women around you in finding theirs. You give of your time and value because there is a direct correlation between your investment and your goals. 

This impact on the community is seen in a study titled “Empowerment of women and its association with the health of the community”, where researchers found an association between empowered women and many key health factors of their surrounding communities. 

You challenge the status quo. 

Finally, you challenge the status quo. As an empowered woman, you see challenges as opportunities. Whether in the workforce, at home, or with your hobbies or activities, you push to break preconceived notions because you believe in your ability more than you believe in others’ limits. 


If you’re not empowered yet, then start today. The identity that makes you who you are will give purpose to your goals. You can strive to be the best version of yourself while simultaneously being self-confident in who you are. When you find this inner power, the influence you will have on not only those around you but also the world around you; you will know that you are an empowered woman.