11 attributes of leadership

Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich listed 11 attributes of leadership. I like them and though the book was first published nearly 100 years ago, these attributes are still relevant.

1. Unwavering courage

This courage comes from understanding yourself and also being competent in your field of work. Followers are unlikely to follow a leader who lacks self-confidence.

2. Self control

If you cannot control yourself, how do you expect to control others? When you demonstrate self control, you set an example for others to follow.

3. A keen sense of justice

Being and defending fairness and justice will help you gain the respect of your followers.

4. Definiteness of plans

A good leader must plan his work and work his plan. One cannot work without plans. Having no plans would be like a car moving without being steered. No doubt there will be a crash.

5. Definiteness of decision

When you waver in decisions, it gives the impression that you are unsure of yourself and when you do that, you are unlikely to successfully lead others.

6. A habit of doing more than you are paid for

You must be willing to do more than you require your followers to do. Go above and beyond the call of duty.

7. A pleasing personality

A person who is physically untidy or who is careless in their speech cannot be a successful leader. Leadership calls for respect. One must learn to command respect in the way the look, speak and generally interact with others.

8. Sympathy and understanding

A successful leader must understand their followers and the problems they face.

9. Mastery of detail

One must pay attention to details.

10. Willingness to assume full responsibility

If a follower makes a mistake, the leader must consider that a failure in his/her part and take actions to correct it.

11. Cooperation

Leadership calls for power and power calls for cooperation. You can’t effectively use force to lead people. When a leader cooperates, it induces the followers to do the same.