The law of attraction?

So, I recently re-read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It reminded me that just like the laws of physics such as the law of gravity and the laws of motion, there is a law of attraction which, although is not as obvious to see as the law of gravity, is still as factual as the law of gravity.

The law of attraction states that our thoughts and feelings determine how our lives turn out. So my life right now is a result of the thoughts and feelings that I have had in the past. A different book I read on the same subject – origins – suggested that you test out the law of attraction. It suggested that you think of something that you want to see – like a feather or a sunflower – then wait for 48 hours and count how many times you will have seen that thing in those 48 hours. I picked a purple flower. It’s been about 36 hours since and I’ve seen 4 purple flowers. What’s interesting is I have hardly gone anywhere since. It’s the weekend so I wasn’t going to work and we are being encouraged to stay home because of Covid-19 so my movement is restricted to my house and the gated community where I live. But I saw 4 different purple flowers!

To be honest, the first time I read The Secret, I was skeptical. It sounded almost cult-like. The people who spoke in the movie sounded like the people who try to get you into those network marketing businesses. The purple flower exercise is beginning to change my mind about that teachings The Secret.

I have a few more exercises to get through to master the law of attraction. Keep reading my blog to see how my practice of the law of attraction pans out.