3 Examples Of Personal Empowerment

What do you envision when you hear the word empowerment? For me, the image of an impressive woman standing in the superhero pose, hands upon her hips, ready to take on the world forms. But I’ll tell you a secret: there is no superhero prerequisite to becoming empowered. All it takes is the correct mindset, self-reflection, realistic goals, and an actionable plan to get there. 

What Is Personal Empowerment?

Personal empowerment is taking control of your life and your destiny. When you have empowerment, you do not rely on fate or the input of others to steer the direction of your life for you. Instead, you take the reins and make deliberate choices that will put you on track to help you reach the destination that you have envisioned for yourself. 

You feel confident, focused, and ready to take on the world when you obtain it. Without it, you will most likely feel adrift and unsure about your daily routine. It can be hard to recognise what actions to take because you don’t know where you are trying to end up.

Examples of Personal Empowerment

One area to focus on to increase your empowerment is self-reflection. Take stock of your values, strengths, and your weaknesses. When you take the time to know yourself, you can become more confident in your choices because you can quickly identify if they align with your desires. 

When you know your strengths, you can anticipate when you will be exceptionally successful at a task that makes you feel powerful. Identifying weaknesses will give you insight into skills you may need to improve by taking a course or simply bringing more mindfulness when using that skill. Becoming your best friend is empowering because it leads to a positive relationship with yourself.

Personal empowerment can also be improved by learning to set goals and follow through to make those goals a reality. When you identify an area of your life that makes you unhappy and then create a plan to overcome this unhappiness, you will feel a sense of direction and purpose. 

Achieving that goal will provide concrete proof to yourself that you can be successful. Rather than making an enormous goal that may seem overwhelming, take the time to break your goal into smaller steps. Each victory increases that sense of empowerment and creates momentum to achieve the next. 

Mentorship is another terrific way to feel empowered. Helping a trainee to follow in your footsteps increases your conviction and self-assurance. Knowing that someone admires your choices enough to model their behaviours based on your input can do wonders for your confidence. 

Not to mention that completing a good deed for another instils happiness. Selflessness and empathy for another create an open and positive mindset, creating positivity in your life and behaviours.

There are many reasons to aspire for personal empowerment. Perhaps you yearn to feel more in control. Or maybe you have realised that you always follow your boss’s suggestions for your career path despite never feeling excited about those choices. 

This lack of enthusiasm indicates that you are not following your heart. When you identify the things you genuinely want, any action you undertake to follow your desire will be exciting and fulfilling. Working hard and purposefully to earn your achievements establishes the feeling of accomplishment and will create lasting self-empowerment. 

Once you feel exhilarated from taking control and following the path that serves you in realising your ambitions, you will only want to achieve more success. The more you empower yourself, the more confident you will become in each endeavour.