5 Factors to Why You’re Not Being Creative

Are you feeling stuck? Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is harnessing your creativity. This is especially true when you need to be creative, such as when you have a project you’re working on for work or school. Of course, it’s easy to justify. We tell ourselves we’re “not feeling creative” as though an impossible mood change would save the day. 

Have you considered you might be right?

You could even go so far as to say it’s what goes on in our head which determines how creative you will be. 

Think about these five factors as to why you’re not creative, along with some quick solutions to get you back on track.

You Don’t Believe You Can Do It.

You would be amazed at how much your inner dialogue can affect the outcomes in your everyday life. If you’ve been predicting you can’t be creative, there’s no way you can succeed. The solution? Change the script. Remind yourself of times when you have been creative or use positive affirmations to bolster your creativity. 

You’re Too Tired

No one is creative when they’re exhausted. How hard have you been working on this project? It might be all you need is a break. Take a nap. Or go to bed early and get some profound sleep to bring your game back up.

You Feel the Walls Closing In

Sitting too much in the same space makes it tough to feel creative. The brain does need outside stimulation. Take a walk or change the location where you’re working by going outside or to a coffee shop. Are you stuck at home? Rearrange the room or switch the artwork on the wall to inspire creativity.

You’re Too Distracted

Kids, pets, music, and outside noise can be very distracting. How can you be creative if you can’t get your thoughts together? Look for ways where you can cut out distractions. Your best solution might be a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Or, if you’re trying to work from home, try enlisting the help of your family members to cut down on interruptions.

You’re Burned Out

It could be you’ve just been working too hard for too long. A little recreation goes a long way toward helping you feel more creative. On the spot, adventure can be just the answer. Play with your dog, or Indulge in a hobby. The ideas will flow again once you have relaxed.

With these quick shifts in the mindset, you should be able to get back on track in no time. Creativity flows when you let it. The main thing? Don’t give up. With a bit of intentionality, things will get better.