5 Ways Empowered Women Contribute To Gender Equality

Empowered women want to see all people experience gender equality. There are many ways they can do this in their everyday lives. Gender disparities are pervasive and entrenched. Gender inequality affects practically every area of women’s life.

To ensure sustainable development and economic advancement, it is critical to ensure that women and girls have equal access to excellent education, healthcare, employment opportunities, representation in government, and integration into global economic decision-making.

If you’re a woman who wants to use her empowerment to help other women experience equality, consider the following strategies to incorporate into your day.

Way 1: Celebrate and uplift other women. 

When another woman in your life does something amazing or makes an achievement, celebrate her. Recognise other women for the good things they do. When women uplift and celebrate each other, they empower each other. Empowered women believe in themselves and know they can tackle anything life throws their way. 

Way 2: Become a mentor for a girl or young woman. 

A fantastic way empowered women can contribute to gender equality is to mentor another girl or young woman. When you support and uplift a girl or young woman, you present yourself as an example of how to be an empowered woman in the world. 

Through your example, you provide a sort of road map with examples she can use to emulate your behaviours and attitudes. In a mentoring position, you hold much power to mould a girl or young woman’s attitude about herself – use this position of influence to help her feel more empowered and capable. 

Way 3: Support women-led or women-owned businesses and ventures in your area. 

Empowered women do what they can to support other women. Take a look at the different businesses and companies in your area – which ones are owned or led by women? The next time you need a particular product or service, consider reaching out to a woman-owned or led business instead of your usual place. 

Women lead and own various business types, and you might be surprised how many women-led companies are in your local community. For example, reconsider your next stop at a farmer’s market, mechanic, or home goods supplier. You may be able to find a women-owned or led alternative and find your next favourite place to shop. 

Way 4: Identify your gender biases and work toward eliminating or changing them. 

Gender norms and narratives are a big part of our overarching culture. Some of these narratives are so deeply ingrained in us that we don’t even notice when some of our assumptions about people are rooted in what’s considered “normal” by society. 

Many of these gender norms and gender roles don’t fit all people worldwide. For example, many men are stay-at-home dads caring for their children during the day, while their female partners are the parents who work regular jobs. Many women aren’t interested in having children and raising families. The list is endless! 

It’s important to support people’s interests in what they want in life – not based on what the societal norm or expectation is for them. A great way to contribute to gender equality is learning to change and challenge some of these “norms” you’ve been conditioned to accept as universal truths. 

Tip 5: Encourage your female friends to accept compliments. 

A fantastic way to contribute to gender equality daily is to encourage your female friends to accept compliments. Rather than trying to apologise or deny the truth in someone else’s praise, encourage the women in your life to accept them as the truth. 

Women sometimes have the bad habit of wanting to “explain away” why they shouldn’t feel proud or good about something. Encourage them to own their compliments and take kind words to heart to feel more empowered.