6 Characteristics Of A Truly Self-Empowered Individual

The key to self-empowerment is taking control. It isn’t feeling that you could take control if you wanted to; it’s about literally taking control. It requires you to set goals once you identify what you truly want from life. And it requires you to take action on the back of those goals to actively achieve them. 

And as a result, you will impact yourself, your life, and the world around you. People who lack self-empowerment don’t have any sense of control over what they do. 

They sit back and allow others to make their decisions, have low confidence levels, and rely on others to make up for that. 

The Characteristics of Self-Empowerment 

  • Self-Belief 

Self-belief can be challenging, especially if life deals you blow after blow and you are constantly knocked down. But self-belief is one of the critical characteristics of a self-empowered individual. 

And you can cultivate that by believing in your ability to contribute to your community and to use your talents, experiences, and skills to live your purpose. It’s believing that no matter what life throws at you, you can get through it. 

  • Decision-Maker

Everyone is always seeking to exert control – the problem is that most don’t recognize that their sphere of control is limited. So, rather than focusing on what they can control, they expend energy trying to control everything else. You have a sphere of control and within that sphere is the decision-making process. 

Self-empowered people feel confident making decisions. They can assess the available information and decide what they’re comfortable with. There is deep insecurity within people who seek to control everything and everyone. Focus on your sphere of control and make the best decisions for your life; that’s the hallmark of a self-empowered person. 

  • Boundary Setter

Empowered people know where their boundaries are because they deeply understand their values, priorities, and sense of self. Recognising their boundaries is vital to establishing those boundaries with others and maintaining them. If someone starts to push or cross their boundaries, they feel confident reinforcing them. 

Another aspect of that is this – where others might allow others to control more in group projects or the workplace, self-empowered people do not. They are also less likely to reach the burnout stage because they feel confident saying no to things that would be pushing them to their edge. 

  • Growth

A key characteristic of self-empowerment is the ability to grow, adapt, and reinvent. More importantly, self-empowered people recognise when it’s time to expand their knowledge, upgrade skills, and develop themselves. They aren’t afraid to look at what areas of their lives need change and what that might look like. 

  • Communication Expert

Self-empowered people are confident communicators – they know how to deal with conflict, even though they may not like it. They also know how to communicate their wants, needs, and boundaries. 

  • Action Takers

Ultimately, every characteristic of self-empowered people boils down to this last characteristic – they are action-takers. Life can get complicated, but there is always a way to get through it and succeed simultaneously. 

Self-empowered people find the way, make a plan, and take action. And why wouldn’t they? They have the self-belief they need to after what they want, and they feel confident making decisions that align with their desires. 

When faced with people who want to derail their plans, they reinforce their boundaries and focus on what matters. And if the plan doesn’t work or it’s unfolding differently than planned, a self-empowered person knows how to reinvest and adapt as necessary.