6 Easy Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Being happy improves your cognitive thinking. When you are happy, you become more productive while creating and carrying out innovative ideas. What’s more, you become less combative and more open to collaboration.

It all begins in your mind. Negative thoughts can impede your ability to be happy. You could be happy one minute and the next, your mind takes you to a dark place because of a negative thought that has began to stew. We need to work hard to ensure that negative thoughts do not take over our emotions, ruin our days and diminish our ability to be creative.

Remember, it’s not that happy people do not have negative thoughts.  They do.  What they don’t do is let those negative thoughts dominate their minds and emotions.

Here are six easy ways you can overcome negative thoughts:

1. Give yourself a pep talk

Pep talks are typically given to teams when they need some encouragement. For this tip to work, you need to be self-aware so that as soon as you realize that you are entertaining negative thoughts, just imagine tapping yourself on the shoulder and telling yourself to take a deep breath and stop the negativity.

Once you have gathered your thoughts, re-focus your attention on what you need to be doing at that time.

2. Probe your negative thoughts

You shouldn’t believe everything that your mind tells you. 

A lot of things that go on in your mind can be pretty irrational, but when negativity is clouding your brain, it’s easy to overlook this fact. So, instead of taking your negative thought at face value, try breaking it down. A lot of times you will find that the negativity has no basis. Once you control your thoughts then you are able to be a lot more rational in handling even difficult situations.

3. Talk it out

Sometimes you just need to air your thoughts and feelings out. Talk it over with your closest buddy and ask for their advice. Perhaps they’ll be able to offer better insight and give you some positive alternatives. It’s important not to select someone who will fuel your negativity.

4. Move

Clearing your head from time to time is essential. When you feel like your negative thoughts are choking the life out of you and telling yourself to stop thinking negatively isn’t working, it’s time to do something that gets your body moving. Go for a run, a bike ride, a walk, a workout, … something that you will enjoy doing. Occupy yourself and get busy doing something else to take your mind away from the negative thoughts.

5. Practice gratitude

Practising gratitude is essential. Keep a list of things you’re grateful for, tangibles and non-tangibles. When you start feeling down and negative, look at your list and remind yourself why you’re fortunate. Use this as motivation to continue with your day and your goals.

6. Make someone happy

One of the best ways to free your mind from negative thoughts is by giving a bit of your time and attention to someone else. Do something nice for a family member or a friend, or even a random stranger on the street. Do something nice for a family member or a friend, or even a random stranger on the road. Make it a daily goal to make someone smile or happy, and you’ll forget you ever had negative thoughts, to begin with!

Negative thoughts are often irrational and unfounded. You would ruin your days by letting them take over your mind and emotions.  These 6 tips will help redirect your mind to more positive, rational and productive thoughts.  These are the thoughts that we want to dominate our lives.