6 Things You Didn’t Know About Highly Creative People

You may not realise some differences between ordinary folks and highly creative people. If you’re friends with highly creative people, you’ve probably noticed they see the world slightly differently. But scientists have found that their brains work differently, and their neural hardwiring is also unique. Creatives can sometimes be challenging to get along with, but it helps to understand why.

  1. They’re always thinking.

Supercharged creative people always have something on the go. There’s always part of their brain that’s still in the studio or writing. Creatives are usually curious people, always wondering what if or why. The problem-solving aspect of their brain doesn’t slow down.

  1. They push back

One of the critical characteristics of highly creative people is not taking the status quo at face value. They like to push back, poke and ask difficult questions. You’ll often hear the words ‘why?’ or ‘why not on their lips.

  1. They follow their path.

To thine own self be true is the creative’s motto. Living authentically and in a way that’s aligned with their values is an absolute priority for them. They don’t just question the status quo, reject following the herd, and don’t mind having unpopular opinions.

  1. Their path isn’t linear.

A highly creative person’s mind often works in loops or spirals. They don’t tend to think in a linear, logical fashion and will usually make great creative leaps. Einstein famously said that imagination is more important than knowledge, which is precisely what he meant. The creative’s capacity to see connections can sometimes border on genius.

  1. Creatives need downtime and space.

Highly creative people will often work for extended periods and need equal amounts of downtime to recover their energy. This can mean solitude, but not always, as quiet companionships can be just as reviving as being alone. Scheduling doesn’t work so well and can even stifle the creative spirit.

Similarly, creativity needs space, quiet, and separation from the day-to-day.

  1. Creatives are storytellers

Highly creative people are often susceptible to images, metaphors, and stories. Creativity is fundamentally about conveying a report from the artist to the viewer or reader. The narrative is the most ancient way of passing on profound truths like creation stories and heroic sagas. Creativity is the bedrock of humanity and a critical element that separates us from other creatures. Telling stories helps us understand the world, explain what we experience, and transcend the everyday.