6 Tips To Become A More Genuine You When You Step Out Into The World

The person you are deep down is your most authentic self. It’s the part of you that others maybe haven’t seen and the part that doesn’t care what other people think. When you learn to be your authentic self, you unlock a new level of life. It’s how you find success, build meaningful relationships, and grow as a person. It’s when your behaviours, actions, and words are consistent with your authentic self. 

Many people have a hard time expressing that part of themselves openly, whether because they are concerned about rejection or they’re still trying to figure out who they are. Getting to know your authentic self is key to just about everything. Here are six tips for becoming a more genuine you. 

  • Take Stock 

A personal inventory is a great place to start your journey. If you can determine when you feel at your most authentic, then you have a clear starting point. A big part of that is getting to grips with your core values. 

When you know your values, it’s much easier to make decisions. Every decision you make should be measured against those values. Think about the situations, people, and activities that light your fire. Think about the areas of your life that leave you feeling angry or the people who make you unhappy. 

When you find yourself in a situation that feels wrong, makes you uncomfortable, and doesn’t sit right, take notes on the emotions that are coming up, who you are with at the time, and if the situation comes at a physical or emotional cost. Do the same for the situations or activities where you do feel authentic. 

Put it together to prioritise the activities and people that give you the most joy. And assess when situations or relationships you need to walk away or limit. 

  • Live in the Moment 

Living in the moment, regardless of what’s happening around you, is one of the most central aspects of authenticity. If you’re constantly distracted by external situations or mental chatter, you miss out on your emotional state. 

It would help if you focused inward when you started losing the thread. You can use deep breathing to centre yourself back in the moment. You can do this regularly to strengthen your mindfulness. This will help you recognise moments of inauthenticity. With that awareness, you will learn how to express yourself fully and embrace the opportunities that come your way. 

  • Build a Social Support System 

A support system is vital to being genuine because sometimes you need motivation, encouragement, and a shoulder to cry on. You can’t live authentically if you don’t surround yourself with authentic people. 

  • Assertive Voice 

Boosting your communication levels is an excellent way to impact authenticity. Often, what we’re trying to say is lost entirely in how we communicate our message. Some people want to dominate the conversation and aren’t interested in listening. 

Others keep their opinion to themselves and get annoyed when you don’t read their minds. You can only focus on your communication skills which means consistently and confidently expressing your needs, listening when others speak, and learning when to say no. 

  • Regular Action 

Authenticity can feel abstract, but it all boils down to daily action. Those little moments build on each other, and you can start with daily planning. 

  • Gain Perspective

People are often guilty of using all their brainpower to find a solution when they’re in a rut. That can be like revving when you’re stuck in the mud. You need leverage to get out. Hyper-focusing on problems can disconnect you from your authentic self. It would be best to gain perspective by looking back at the big picture.