6 Ways To Feel More Empowered In Your Life

Feeling empowered is essential. Without feeling a sense of self-empowerment, people don’t feel motivated to do anything in life – they may feel like they can’t make good choices for themselves or work toward meeting goals. 

If you struggle to feel more empowered in your life, consider these six ways to feel more empowered.

Way 1: Take stock of the people you spend time with most often and make changes to your “group” if needed.

Think about who you’re spending most of your time with – are these people negative naysayers who have a hard time finding anything positive or good to say? If so, you may need to reconsider your friend group. 

Feeling empowered is tough when you spend a lot of time with negative people. Their poor attitudes may begin to affect your own in a negative way, which makes it difficult to feel empowered. Instead, spend more time with positive and happy people. In contrast, it’s much easier to feel empowered when you spend most of your time around people who support that positive mindset.

Way 2: Get regularly involved with a hobby or activity you love.

Feeling more empowered is easy when you’re doing something you love. Get regularly involved with a hobby or activity that brings you joy – you’ll likely feel more empowered when you have chances to get involved with something you genuinely love to do.

Way 3: Any time you can use one of your skills or strengths, take it. 

Take stock of your skills and personal strengths. Whatever you can do well, always take your chances to use those skills or strengths. Whenever you witness yourself doing something well, you send a message to your brain: “I can do this!” 

Hearing these messages routinely helps cement that you are capable of making good choices and doing good work. You know you can be helpful by sharing your skills and strengths. Every time you do this, you increase your sense of self-empowerment.

Way 4: Take compliments earnestly by saying “thank you” rather than negating them. 

When someone compliments you, actually accept it! Many are tempted to immediately disagree with someone when they’re trying to tell them something nice they admire. Rather than disagreeing with the kind compliment, accept it as the truth by saying “thank you” instead.

Way 5: Spread positivity and support to other people. 

When your coworker crushes a big presentation, congratulate her. When your friend overcomes a big challenge, celebrate with him. If you like a stranger’s fashion style, tell them. Any time you have a chance to spread positivity and support to other people, you aren’t just supporting their sense of empowerment – you’re helping your own, too! 

Way 6: Put serious effort into taking good care of yourself. 

Taking good care of your mental and physical health works wonders for your self-empowerment. When you have a good grasp on taking care of yourself, it’s much easier to feel empowered.

Taking good care of your health can involve lots of activities, such as…

  • Getting plenty of quality sleep
  • Eating meals or snacks when you notice yourself feeling hungry 
  • Talking to a trusted friend or loved one when you’re feeling down 
  • Squeezing in some self-care each day to relax and unwind 
  • Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated 
  • Going to all your regularly scheduled medical checkups and appointments