Beyond The Board Room: Everyday Empowerment For Women Leads To A Better You And A Better Life

The developed world seems to agree that empowering women is right and good. 

We have an immediate issue regarding human rights, equal treatment, and parity for women. So, that is enough justification for the rise in programs centering on women. Women have been fighting for equity throughout history. 

From the right to vote to the right to own land and secure a credit card to eliminating violence against women, including sexual exploitation and trafficking. Many women throughout history have fought for goals that never benefited them but were simply the right thing to do. And that is also true today. 

It is simple human decency, but we must take it beyond that to address the gender inequality we see worldwide. Women can be the most powerful investment for the future. It isn’t just a case of improving yourself; it can also lead to a better life and world. 

Women face hurdles from childhood. Educational obstacles include a lack of resources, a dismissive teacher, or strict rules that target girls. As great as the advancements have been, we are dealing with ongoing education inequality, equal pay issues, health care access, and even job creation. 

COVID-19 is an interesting data point – 70% of social and health workers are women ( Many women took on additional burdens in the home throughout the pandemic. And locks-downs increased the risk of violence against girls and women ( 

The statistics are sobering. It’s a reminder that as far as we’ve come, we still have a ways to go. Everyday empowerment for women is vital to ensuring women can live authentically, successfully, and happily. 

As crucial as empowerment is for women chasing boardroom success, it’s just as important outside of it in everyday life. Women need to be empowered to have fulfilling relationships. Women should be able to set and maintain boundaries with their friends, family, and romantic partners. 

Women should be empowered to make critical financial decisions, from career moves to retirement funds, savings, and investments. 

Women need to be empowered to pursue knowledge and wisdom. 

Let’s not forget how important a woman’s overall health and well-being are. If you don’t set boundaries, your well-being will suffer as you struggle to say no to things you don’t have the time or energy for. 

Empowerment is everything when it comes to leading a healthy life, and you need to address every aspect of your life through the lens of empowerment. Every aspect of your life is a puzzle piece; nothing will come together until you’ve put all the elements in the right place. The journey doesn’t stop when the pieces fit together; that’s when things get interesting. 

You are more than your career. You’re more than your relationship. You are more than your bank account. You are a whole person, meaning you need to empower yourself in every area of your life to maximise your authenticity and happiness. 

The more we invest in women, the more we empower women. It isn’t just beneficial to women; the whole of society thrives when women are given the same opportunities that men receive. It’s the best for everyone. 

Because when that empowerment ripples through a woman’s life, it spreads to her community and beyond. It’s a ripple effect that benefits everyone. And it starts with everyday empowerment, from saying no to an extra day of carpooling when you don’t have time to be firm about what workload you can handle at the office. Women need the tools, training, and skills to thrive.