Easy Visualization Techniques to Help You Find Your True Purpose in Life

When it comes to finding your true life’s purpose, the key to achieving what you want may lie in your ability to utilise visualisation. Knowing how to visualise the desired outcome will help you become a more robust, happier, and more influential person and help you find your true life’s purpose. Here are three easy visualisation techniques to help you reach your goals.

Treasure Map Technique

This visualisation technique uses both a physical component and an obvious mental one. The first thing that you need to do is to think of something that you would like to achieve. Begin by drawing a physical representation of all the factors that are involved. If you want to earn the top score on an exam, draw a picture of yourself, a building representing the school and a book representing study. You want to try and make the drawing as detailed as possible. The drawing itself isn’t the critical factor but is what you are picturing as you draw.

Receptive Visualization

This technique is like watching a movie in your mind, except you get to control the scenes. While this is a more passive approach than the previous one, it can still be just as effective. Lie down, close your eyes, and try to picture the scene you want to visualise vividly. When you get a clear image of the scene in your head, add people and noises to the movie. Slowly build the image until you have the entire picture of the scene in your head and can feel yourself being involved in the action.

Altered Memory Visualization

This technique focuses on changing memories from your past to have a more favourable outcome. This is especially helpful for resolving memories that involve resentment and anger. Replay the scene in your mind, but replace the angry responses with more controlled and calm ones. After a while, your brain will only remember the scene playing out as you re-created it, and the uncomfortable memories of the event will begin to fade away.

These visualisation techniques will help you achieve your goals and find your true life’s purpose. Along with these techniques, you will need to work to reach your goals, but after some time and hard work, you’ll achieve your goals and discover what you’re meant to do.