Empower Yourself By Asking For Help From The Right People

Asking for help is a skill most people are not accustomed to. For many centuries asking for help was seen as a weakness. It represented an inability to handle and manage your own life. I have learned that asking for help is crucial in leading a productive, happy, and successful life. 

We are a social species and can rely on others in times of need. Times of need can vary significantly from time to time and person to person. It could be as simple as having a door held open for you or needing a hand carrying groceries. 

It could be as complex or alarming as needing help to cope with depression, substance abuse, or managing thoughts of self-harm. Everyone needs help at times. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when it is required. 

The crucial step in asking for help is asking for help from the right people. While every situation is different, there is a different person or type of person you should ask for help from. Learning to ask for help from the right people can be extremely empowering. 

At Work 

Asking for help at work when you need it is empowering. Are you struggling to meet a deadline? Are you going to miss a few work days due to personal reasons? Are you having a conflict with a coworker? Do you need help understanding an assignment? In each situation, you can struggle alone or ask for help and move forward with grace, contentment, and productivity. 

Struggling to Meet a Deadline?

First, determine why you are struggling. Do you need to devote more hours to the project? Do you need to become an expert in the subject matter? Next, communicate with a trusted coworker about your concerns and ask for their insight into your issue of not making a deadline. This is your first way to ask the right people for help. 

Maybe they can see an outside-the-box solution that you were previously unaware of. Perhaps they can pitch in and help you. If you’re still struggling to meet the deadline, you must communicate directly with your supervisor. This is your second way to ask the right people for help. They may be able to offer you additional resources, lighten your other work responsibilities, provide other avenues of completion, extend the deadline, or physically help you complete the task at hand. 

It’s essential to ask the right people for help. Taking it upon yourself to ask a coworker for help before asking your supervisor is an innovative and productive way to empower yourself. This shows that you are carefully evaluating the situation and are looking to help yourself. 

Asking your supervisor for help afterwards is also empowering, as it shows you have taken the initiative to seek advice, aid, and communicate when facing a challenge. 

At Home

Asking for help at home can also be empowering. Are you struggling to keep up with household duties? Are you unable to afford a bill? Are you tired of spending time with many people instead of having one-on-one date nights? In each of these situations, you can continue to operate sad or upset, or you can ask for help and enjoy your home life. 

Struggling to Complete All Household Chores? 

First, determine what specific tasks you are unable to complete. How often do these chores need to be done, and who can do them? Next, ask for help from those who live in your household. Do you have children, a spouse, or a roommate? All of these people are available to be asked for help. 

Children can help with small chores such as gathering dirty laundry and putting it near the washer and dryer. Roommates can help with dishes or cleaning common areas. Spouses should be able to carve out 15-20 minutes daily to help you with any chore you need. They may also be able to carve out additional time on their day off. 

If asking for help from those in your household is not enough, or you live alone, you still have others to ask for help. You can ask neighbours to help with tasks you cannot complete physically. 

You are also able to ask for help from professional home service companies. While you will need to compensate them for their services, they will be able to help you with tasks you may otherwise not be able to complete. 

It is essential to ask the right people for help. It can be highly empowering to understand that you cannot complete a task, ask for help, and have the task completed. Remember, at the end of the day, not everyone is fit to help you in every situation. Ensure the person you ask for help is trustworthy and capable of the task.