Empower Yourself: Expand Your Knowledge Base Regularly

If you want to improve your life, you can achieve a lot by focusing on self-empowerment. One of the most powerful ways to fuel your empowerment levels is by regularly expanding your knowledge base. 

The more knowledge you have, the more power of choice you will have. It’s why so many leaders and influential people spend so much time learning new things about all manner of subjects; by seeking empowerment and pursuing knowledge, you take control of your destiny. 

Conflict disempowers, which is why other people in power seek to lie and create disinformation. They pursue power by sowing seeds of confusion, which is why it’s so important that people take control of their empowerment levels and expand their knowledge. If you let others provide you with answers, you disempower yourself. 

You don’t need to look to others to find your direction because you can find it yourself. And a big part of that process is reading books, studying different subjects, reading blogs, or listening to podcasts from experts on various topics. 

Even if it’s not always topics you agree with, it provides valuable insight and perspective. When you do this, you draw power to yourself rather than giving it away. 

The beauty of expanding your knowledge is that it helps you gain more awareness of your feelings and thoughts, which enables you to gain control over them, which is empowering.

You have very little control over the external world; you can’t control what other people do, but you have plenty of power within your existence and can make decisions that benefit you. Practising mindfulness is a helpful way to sort out what’s going on in your head. 

You can determine what opinions or thoughts have been swayed by external influences and don’t align with your honest opinion. And that will help you guide your experience. That is essential knowledge that can help you change your life. 

When you encounter something positive, you should focus on expanding your knowledge of it. If it’s something negative, you might not want to pour as much energy into it, but you should still consider it to lessen your negative feelings about it. It’s all knowledge, and knowledge is essential. 

Knowledge is empowering. 

You can read a million different think pieces or books that detail the difference between street smarts and book smarts. But that misses an essential type of smarts – emotional. Expanding your knowledge through books is good. But you can also focus on increasing your knowledge of self and building your emotional smarts, which will significantly benefit your life. When you apply it to your real life, you expand your intelligence and wisdom. You can go much further if you have a balance of street smarts, book smarts, and emotional smarts to draw from. And it’s the emotional smarts that will help you tie the other smarts together.

You get your book smarts from study and your street smarts from practical experience, both of which evoke emotions. And by practising mindfulness, you can gain a greater awareness of your feelings and thoughts. 

That is the key to empowerment – expanding your knowledge on all three fronts to find the perfect balance to succeed.

And it might sound like much work, but they all tie together, and it’s the quickest way to bolster your empowerment for success. 

Finally, it’s worth knowing your worth. Empowerment comes from an understanding that you are deserving and worthy of good things. Commit yourself to build your empowerment by expanding your knowledge base, from your book and street smarts to your emotional smarts – it all matters. You’re here to do more than survive; it’s time for you to thrive.