Empowerment For Women: Tips To Eliminate Self-Doubt

Even the strongest, toughest, and most empowered women experience self-doubt. However, even when you’re most doubtful about yourself, it’s possible to work through it and feel even more empowered. To eliminate self-doubt, consider the following tips. 

Tip 1: Be kind to yourself – especially if you’re in a challenging situation. 

Make a genuine effort to be kind to yourself. Many women tend to be hard on themselves when they make a mistake or find themselves experiencing a setback. However, being harsh or critical of yourself isn’t the answer to solving the problem and moving forward. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion when you’re in a tough spot. 

Tip 2: Let go of comparing your life to others’ lives.

It’s tough not to compare your own life to someone else’s but doing this is detrimental to your empowerment. Feeling confident in yourself is tough when you perceive all your other friends’ achievements as being “better” or “more successful” than your own. 

Take a break from your social media (one of the biggest sources of comparison fuel) and focus on your unique journey instead. It’s important to remember that all people move through their lives and experiences at their speeds. Focusing on your unique journey is essential to eliminate self-doubt. 

Tip 3: Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. 

Empowered women understand the value of a sound support system. Identify the people who uplift you most in life and make an effort to spend more time with them. Spending more time around positive and supportive people will immensely impact your happiness and well-being, making it much easier for you to let go of self-doubt and embrace empowerment. 

Tip 4: Identify the limiting beliefs you have about yourself. 

Self-limiting beliefs are fuel for self-doubt. When a person has a limiting belief, they automatically assume something about themselves that is simply unfounded. Since they presume “I’m not smart enough to do that” or “I would never get that right” (or whatever else they might be assuming about themselves), they never actually go for it. 

Identify your own self-limiting beliefs and challenge them. Is there anything in your life that you automatically assume you can’t do or can’t learn? If so, challenge it! Fight against your self-limiting beliefs – you’ll likely be surprised at the results.

Tip 5: Remind yourself that you are your own harshest critic. 

Sometimes women experience self-doubt because they feel very “visible” to the rest of the world. They assume that others are paying close attention to everything they’re doing, and because they assume they’re being scrutinised so carefully, they may experience self-doubt. Rather than potentially appearing foolish to others, they don’t try new things. 

Remember that not many people are watching you that closely. You are the person who is watching and judging yourself the most. With this in mind, permit yourself to release that self-doubt so you can explore and do more.

Tip 6: Get comfortable asking for help when you need it. 

Self-empowered women understand that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s using your resources! 

Many people will avoid asking others for help, even when they need it because they think it’s a poor reflection of their capabilities. 

This is quite far from the truth. Asking other people for help when you need it is a sign of strength, and learning how to get comfortable with asking for help is a method you can use to move forward in life. 

Tip 7: Let yourself visualise lots of possibilities for your future. 

Visualising your future is a powerful tool. When you let your imagination run wild and imagine all the different ways you could find success in life, working toward those big goals becomes more accessible. 

Visualising gives you a road map to follow along the way – as you imagine what each step of your process looks like, you can begin creating an action plan to turn those dreams into realities. Visualising is a great way to escape self-doubt and see the possibilities that are genuinely available to you.

Tip 8: Give yourself lots of congratulations and compliments.

A great way women can eliminate self-doubt is to talk to themselves positively. Own it by giving yourself compliments and congratulations when you do something well. Talk to yourself the same way you’d talk to your best friend – when she does something well, you give her praise and make her feel good about herself. You deserve the same sort of treatment from yourself, so give yourself all the feel-good self-talk.