Tenacity Wins 

What does it mean to be a tenacious person?

Tenacity is defined as the quality of not releasing or relinquishing something easily. A tenacious person doesn’t give up quickly. They stick to their goals and continue striving toward what they want, even when doing so becomes extremely difficult.

Tenacious people understand the value of seeing a situation through to the end. Rather than allowing a challenge or setback to deter them from continuing onward with their personal missions, they find a way to handle it and continue moving forward.

Goals and aspirations are incredibly important to tenacious people. They will do everything in their power to get closer to what they want in life. Because they don’t give up easily, they will strive after what they want to achieve with great energy and enthusiasm.

Sometimes tenacity and stubbornness are used as synonyms, but there is a special nuance to being tenacious. A tenacious person sees the world as a place full of opportunities – because they’re willing to go after what they want with great energy and determination, they see their potential as limitless.

What are the benefits of embracing tenacity? How can it help you excel in life?

Tenacity helps people excel in life because it comes with a great variety of benefits. For example…

1. Embracing tenacity allows people to develop a healthy self-image.

To really, truly embrace tenacity, you have to have a lot of belief in yourself. Going after your biggest dreams and aspirations requires you to really believe in your ability to do so, which strengthens your overall self-image. Tenacity feeds directly into self-confidence.

2. Embracing tenacity makes it difficult to derail you from your goals.

With tenacity, you believe in the possibilities that you have dreamed up. Even when the odds are stacked against you or a setback occurs, you believe in your cause strongly enough to keep pushing forward. Even when it seems most likely that your goals will fall by the wayside, you keep moving toward them.

3. Embracing tenacity opens you up to a lot of great new opportunities.

Tenacious folks aren’t scared to go after new things. Even if it means putting themselves outside of their comfort zones and experiencing unfamiliar situations, they see the potential payout of being tenacious and moving forward. Because of this, they find themselves prone to experiencing lots of great new opportunities.

4. Embracing tenacity helps you maintain a positive attitude and mindset.

Moving forward and striving toward your goals keeps your attention laser-focused on the outcome. Because you’re keeping your attention on your main goals and missions, you find it easier to keep a positive mindset throughout the process.

What happens if a person lacks tenacity?

Without tenacity, a person can really struggle to advance their lives and meet goals. The world can be a tough place and obstacles are going to get in your way. Without tenacity, you are far more prone to struggling from setbacks and derailing from your pathway in life.

When you lack tenacity, you often fail to see the possible ways you can mitigate a tough situation. When an unforeseen obstacle arises, you may allow it to completely stop your progress. Rather than getting creative and attempting to problem solve to salvage the situation, you may abandon your mission altogether.

Tenacity is a key component of exploring the world and experiencing new opportunities. If you lack tenacity, there’s a strong chance that you prefer staying inside your comfort zone. While your comfort zone might be a cozy safe space for you, growth and development don’t happen there. By lacking tenacity, you don’t feel motivated enough to try new experiences and meet new people. Instead, you allow your life to remain predictable and unchanging.

How can you develop a stronger sense of tenacity?

Developing a stronger sense of tenacity is possible. With some effort and practice, you can learn to embrace your tenacious side and reap all the benefits of how tenacity can help you excel in life. Consider the following strategies to get started:

1. Learn how to get comfortable with risk taking.

To get comfortable with risk taking, you don’t need to do something as extreme as signing up for a skydiving course. Begin by taking small, low stakes risks to develop more comfort. For example, you can order a dish you’ve never tried instead of your usual from your favorite restaurant. By taking low-stakes risks, you develop a stronger comfort level with taking them – over time, this helps increase your tenacity.

2. Build an image of what you really, truly want in life.

Tenacity begins where your goals are. Build a clear mental image of what you really, truly want to accomplish in your life. When you have a clear picture of what you’re moving toward, it becomes easier to go after that destination. Tenacity comes easier when your destination is clear.

3. Spend more time around tenacious people for inspiration.

Glean some inspiration from your tenacious friends. Spending more time with tenacious people can help you better see the traits and behaviours they exhibit. Being around tenacious folks enables you to understand precisely what being tenacious looks like making it easier to replicate in yourself.

4. Accept that life isn’t 100% perfect and mistakes will happen.

Many folks shy away from being tenacious because they fear making a mistake or experiencing hardship. Unfortunately, no person’s life will ever be 100% perfect. Experiencing adversity and setbacks will happen to everyone at some point or another. Learning how to accept this is a crucial component of developing a stronger sense of tenacity.

5. Rework your attitude about struggles and adversity.

Nobody wants to find themselves struggling or experiencing adversity but changing your attitude about it can help you better embrace a tenacious attitude. Rather than seeing your struggles as impediments, begin viewing them as opportunities to learn and grow. Every time you face a challenge, you leave the situation with newfound knowledge you can carry into the future.

Muthoni Mutonyi