Ladies Empower Yourselves: Validate Your Self-Expression

Self-expression is a beautiful part of being a human being. As a woman, one of the best ways to feel more self-empowerment is the freedom to express yourself however you choose – whether through your creativity, artistry, fashion or beyond; learning how to express yourself freely and openly is a wonderfully empowering experience. 

If you struggle to feel comfortable with self-expression, learning how to validate what self-expression looks like for you is a significant step toward becoming more comfortable with it. 

What does “validating self-expression” mean?

When a person feels validated, they confirm within themselves that something they’re doing, feeling, or thinking is correct.

When a woman allows herself to validate her self-expression, she’s accepting all the ways she feels best for expressing herself. Even though she may worry that someone else won’t understand why she likes to express herself in certain ways, because she finally feels validation about how she chooses to express herself, she feels comfortable moving forward with her methods of self-expression despite what other people may think about it. 

Why is it important to validate your self-expression?

As a woman, validating your self-expression is important for several reasons. 

  1. It helps you be the most authentic version of yourself you can be.

Self-expression is a reflection of who you really, truly are. When you feel validated in your chosen methods of self-expression, you aren’t afraid to do all the activities that make you feel most like yourself. 

  1. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem to new heights.

Feeling like your self-expression is validated works wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. It’s easier to feel good about yourself when you feel free to be the most authentic version of yourself you can be and express yourself openly. 

  1. It makes living your life a lot easier.

When you feel like you can be yourself, it’s easier to get through many different parts of life. For example, when your self-expression feels validated, it’s easier to focus on other areas of life, such as working toward goals and solving problems. 

What can you do to feel more validated if you’re a woman struggling to validate her self-expression?

You can empower yourself by validating your self-expression using these strategies:

Talk to yourself with a lot of understanding and kindness. 

It’s tough to feel validated by someone who isn’t being kind to you – yourself included! Practice using kind words when speaking to yourself. You’re far more likely to listen to and believe a kind person versus a bully. 

Take time to be self-aware. 

Rather than bumbling through life oblivious to what you want and need, pay attention to yourself. Spend some time reflecting on your thoughts and feelings. When you’re trying to validate your self-expression, being self-aware is a significant component of that process. 

Try to keep yourself in the present moment. 

Pay attention to what you want and need in the present. Notice how the world is working around you in the present moment. Spending too much time lost in the past or meandering into a future filled with “what ifs” can make it difficult to feel validated in your self-expression. When you understand what you need and want in the present, it’s much easier to express yourself genuinely.

Spend more time with positive and supportive people. 

It’s easier to validate yourself when you’re spending time in a happy, positive environment full of people who want to see you do well and find joy. Hang out with the positive folks in your life – as you absorb that happiness culture, you’ll find it easier to be yourself.

Take risks.

Empowered women take the initiative to rewire their life by doing something new. If they are unhappy in their personal or professional lives, they seek to change and find a method to make it happen. They understand that life should be filled with joy, balance, and harmony. 

Many women find taking chances intimidating at first, and they may hesitate to do so. Still, in the end, the emboldened woman takes the leap into the unknown and utilises her weapons of understanding, courage, and a positive mindset to bring her where she wants to go. Empowered women have a vision of how they want their lives to be and work towards making that vision come true.