Self-Confidence – 4 Things You Need to do Now to Reclaim it

Self-Confidence. It’s such an essential part of who we are that we become crippled when we lose it entirely. Even a ding on our confidence levels can set us back or even derail our day. This is why it’s so important to reclaim lost confidence quickly when you lose it. 

Thankfully, there’s been a lot of scientific study into confidence and what happens in the brain to inspire it. Read on to find out about four scientifically proven things you need to be doing right now to reclaim lost confidence. 

Start with a Vision

Perhaps one of the most underrated techniques to attain success is visualisation. Most people look at this in surface terms. They might picture the project completed without taking the time to envision the act in complete detail. The more complex the visualisation, the more likely you are to realise the success you’re striving for. Why? You’re building neural pathways designed to ‘trick’ your brain into thinking you’ve already succeeded, leading you to step out with more confidence when working toward your goals.

Use Affirmations Often

Silly as it seems, using positive statements about yourself frequently will turn into positive self-talk. This kind of internal dialogue bolsters confidence without realising you’re doing it.

Win Lots

How many successes have you had today? Most people would probably say very few, focusing only on the significant victories such as the promotion at work or meeting some considerable relationship milestone. The thing is, our day is filled with small successes. By recognising all these minor victories, you signal your brain that, yay, you did this thing. This creates a rush of dopamine (the ‘feel-good’ brain chemical) coupled with a dose of testosterone, which acts as an appetite for more victories, making petty wins addictive. This creates a biofeedback loop that pushes confidence levels higher the more you ‘win.’

Change Your Position

Body language tells the world everything they need to know about you. When your self confidence is low, it shows. Your entire body slumps, your limbs feel slack, and your energy levels drop down to nothing. But doing something so small as sitting up straighter or taking a more assertive pose, your body recognises this as confidence. As a result, you start feeling more confident inside, whether you’d felt confident before shifting position or not. 

Understanding how the mind works make restoring confidence an easy task. These actions are all simple, easy to do things even when you’re not feeling confident at all initially. The results will speak for themselves.