The 5 Best Books On Mastering the Mind

An understanding of personal psychology is essential for success no matter what industry you are involved in. You need to know how your mind works and how to interact with others. Several good books on mastering the mind can be of invaluable assistance. 

#1 – The Social Animal

The Social Animal is one of the most influential books on social psychology ever written. This 2011 classic by David Brooks explores the intersection between psychology, biology, and sociology to reveal hidden insights into human behaviour. Brooks explains the human aversion to emotional expression and highlights the isolation issue prevalent in 21st century America. 

#2 – Influence: Science and Practice

Robert Cialdini is one of the well-recognized authors within the marketing and psychology space. And this book is considered one of his best works. He explains in very easy-to-understand terms the results of complex scientific studies and also demonstrates how people can develop a resistance to typical persuasion techniques. The book is a classic and must-read for any person in sales and marketing. 

#3 – Thinking Fast and Slow

Thinking Fast and Slow is a trendy book by Daniel Kahneman, who also holds a Nobel prize in economics. It is an in-depth book on human behaviour released in 2011. Thinking Fast and Slow explores cognitive biases, behavioural theory, and loss aversion. Not only does this book explore complex topics in detail, but it is well written and engaging. 

#4 – The Art of Choosing

The Art of Choosing is especially relevant to those interested in marketing, as it outlines how people make decisions. These decisions are seldom rational, though they appear logical to the person making them. The book by Sheena Iyengar delves into why humans make particular choices. Understanding why we make certain decisions is fundamental to understanding ourselves. Before chasing desires, knowing why we want them in the first place can be fruitful. 

#5 – Stumbling on Happiness

This book by Daniel Gilbert is a bestseller that is not a self-development book in the classical sense but an analysis of how to master the mind. The basic principle is that “you are not to fool yourself – and you must understand that you are the easiest person to fool”. Stumbling on Happiness also highlights how our brains are hardwired to trick us into believing things that are just not true. A positive psychology book that is very uplifting.