The Benefits of Not Caring So Much

It’s healthy to listen to some people’s opinions. There are people in our lives who we can trust to tell us like it is if we tell them our plans, hopes, and dreams. But we often listen to what other random people think as much or more than those trusted advisors. 

If you’ve ever heard something like:

  • “There’s no money in that.”
  • “Who else has ever done that?”
  • “Why not get a steady job and retire with a nice pension?”
  • “You can’t leave him. We all have to put up with (abuse, negativity, laziness, and cheating). At least he pays the bills.”

…well, you need to read on to learn the benefits of ignoring all the naysayers and doing what you believe is right for you!

  1. Less stress—what’s more stressful than wanting something so badly you can taste it and yet hear from everyone around that it’s impossible? The struggle it takes, the energy it takes to desire and yet resist, is fierce. By trusting your instincts and doing it your way, you will encounter less stress in your life. You’ll experience freedom instead.
  2. More joy—when we stop letting other people make our decisions for us, we can finally live the life we know we are here to live. The pleasure from that will fill up our lives in unexpected ways.
  3. Live with integrity—when you are living your authentic life that aligns with your values, you will experience less fear. Less fear of making mistakes, having regrets, or not having what you need. When we live with integrity, life becomes much sweeter, and we have clarity about what we should do next.
  4. Community—once you live your purpose instead of what others think you should do, you’ll meet others who share common goals and dreams. You’ll experience luck—you’ll start randomly meeting people who will further your path and support you. After that, it will be much easier to let go of friendships with the naysayers in your life.
  5. Connections—when we live our authentic truth, we naturally draw people to us. People pick up on the “vibe” of others living their life on their terms. It’s attractive. So instead of losing out on friendships or connections because you go ahead and doing what others have told you is doomed to fail, you’ll increase your connections. They will be more plentiful and profound than any you’ve ever experienced.