The Biggest Misconceptions About Vulnerability

The subject of vulnerability can be uncomfortable for most people. After all, vulnerability is often associated with things like getting hurt and being a victim. It can also be associated with things like weak characters or gullibility. As uncomfortable as it may be, being vulnerable is essential to leading a healthy life. 

Being vulnerable isn’t just essential to leading a healthy life; it’s also one of the biggest keys to unlocking your personal growth and thriving as a person. This article explores the biggest misperceptions about vulnerability that may keep you from experiencing its benefits in your life.

You’ll be weak if you’re Vulnerable.

Many people believe that vulnerability is a way of being often related to a lack of strength. But the truth is, being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak. Quite the opposite. Your vulnerability makes you strong in a few ways: 

  • It creates a space where you can be receptive to others’ feelings, which means you’re more empathetic and compassionate toward others. 
  • It allows you to accept and be OK with your feelings and experiences, which means you’re less likely to judge or control others or yourself. 
  • It feels vulnerable even when you’re not actually in any danger. This means you’ll be more likely to take risks that make you feel more authentic, alive, and connected. 
  • It shows you dare to be yourself, which creates a space in which others dare to be themselves, too.

Vulnerability means you can’t handle Criticism.

Yes, some people with many insecurities are so sensitive that even the smallest signs of criticism cause them to feel hurt and threatened. If this sounds like you, you should be cautious as you embrace a vulnerability mindset. 

It might be a good idea to practice before you try to do something like asking your partner to tell you what you can improve. Criticism can be an essential part of healthy relationships. But it’s rarely something you want to hear if you are not well-prepared to receive it.

Embracing your vulnerabilities does not mean you will never be able to handle criticism. Yes, it is probably going to be difficult at first. But with practice and perseverance, you can handle criticism and gain something from it when it is constructive.

You’ll be an Emotional Wreck if you’re Vulnerable.

Looking at all the vulnerability research, you’ll find that it’s almost always associated with being emotionally resilient and trusting other people. Being vulnerable can often make you less likely to overreact to things or people. This is because when you’re vulnerable, you’re less likely to be triggered by them.

There is no reason why embracing your vulnerabilities will make you an emotional wreck. It can take time to face your fears and be authentic and you will have to ride a few storms along the way. But with the right attitude, you will be stronger as a person.

What you give in a moment of Vulnerability, you have to keep forever

While it’s true that the experiences you have when you are vulnerable stay with you forever, the type of vulnerability you have doesn’t have to stay the same from moment to moment. And what’s more, it doesn’t have to stay the same daily either.

This misconception holds many people back as they are so fearful that they continue to hide their vulnerabilities. Once you commit to embracing your vulnerabilities, your life will change for the better.