This post highlights what I noted from Nunu Ntshingila’s speech at Soar Africa 2019.

Ms. Ntshingila is the Facebook Regional Director for Africa.

  • The 4.5 billion people using the internet today is your market.
  • They are confronted with 10,000 advertising messages every day.
  • What can we do to make sure that we are fueling that message?
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Sometimes it’s not about having a genius, out of the box idea.

  • Soko built a platform that enables an artisan to make their Jewelry, package it, send it to anywhere in the world and have their payment delivered – all from an app.
  • All they need is a cell phone, connectivity and they can supply to one of the world’s largest artisan market.

  • With Get Smarter, education can come to you wherever you are.
  • It works with international universities in selling short courses.  They use Facebook to sell the courses.
  • They have democratized education.
  • Sold for 2B US dollars.

  • Cellulant was one of the first companies using Augmented reality to sell products.
  • They have not looked at the barriers in technology.
  • They allow customers to try out lipstick colors before they buy.

My learning:

  • We should not confine ourselves to any boundaries.  They world is truly our oyster.
  • Take advantage of the latest technology to offer customers an great experience even with age old products and services.