Top 10 Things You Can Learn About Yourself When You Stand Up For Yourself

You will have many opportunities throughout your life to stand up for yourself. You may face such an opportunity daily, from someone bumping you out of the way to cutting in front of you at the coffee shop to a coworker who stole your idea. 

There are always opportunities to speak up for yourself, and it’s essential to know when to stand up and let it go. The small slights? It’s easy to brush them off. But if ignoring those small slights has made you more likely to bite your tongue at the significant issues, then you have a problem on your hands. 

It isn’t always easy to put your neck on the line to stand up for yourself, but it’s an integral part of personal development. When you stand up for yourself, you tell others who you are. But what can you learn about yourself when you stand up for yourself? 

  • You Are Confident

Standing up for yourself can be scary, especially when you don’t know how others will react. But when you take the step to assert yourself, you will realise just how confident a person you are capable of being. Looking back to the first time you stood up for yourself, think about how you felt afterwards. It’s a thrilling experience, but the confidence that comes with it is unbeatable. 

  • You are Strong

Confidence is one thing, but strength is something else entirely. Even confident people struggle with asserting themselves, setting boundaries, and standing up for themselves when needed. So, when you put it on the line and stand up for yourself, it indicates that you possess profound strength. 

It isn’t just that you did something that required strength; you were able to dig deep within yourself to draw that strength to the surface when you needed it. That’s a powerful piece of knowledge to carry through life. 

  • You Are Capable

It doesn’t matter what’s going on; when you stand up for yourself, you get a great reminder of just how capable you are. When the going gets tough, you want to be able to handle whatever comes. And standing up for yourself is an excellent reminder that you can take anything and everything life can throw at you. 

  • You Are Not A Doormat

When you set boundaries, you need to maintain them, and you can do that by standing up for yourself. When you don’t take steps to stand up for yourself, you send the wrong message to others; you tell them you’re a doormat. 

But, standing up for yourself when someone crosses your boundaries tells them you’re not a doormat and that you won’t allow people to mistreat you. It’s an important lesson, and it’s valuable knowledge to possess. 

  • You Have Courage

It takes courage to stand up and make your voice heard. There will always be bullies, there will always be people with more power, and it’s not easy to stand up against people who don’t like others disagreeing with them. 

  • Your Opinion Matters

You are entitled to your opinions, and you are allowed to express those opinions at appropriate times. For example, if you are in a business meeting and you have something to offer, you should be given the space to speak if others have also had the opportunity to provide their opinion. 

When you refuse to allow a louder team member to push you out and have the courage to speak up and offer your ideas, you realise how much your opinion matters. Often, people like that undermine you at every opportunity, not just in the meeting room. 

So by the time you reach meeting time, you already feel your suggestions are poor, or your opinion doesn’t count. That’s what bullies want. But you have to push that aside and offer your opinion or make your suggestion. It tells your co-workers that you have ideas and that you’re willing to stand up for yourself to be heard. It’s an essential step for everyone. 

  • It’s Okay To Be Selfish Sometimes

Your daily schedule is filled to the brim. You have this, that, and the other to do, and don’t forget you’re running here, there, and everywhere for other people too. It sounds like a nice thing to do, but are you meeting your needs? 

Running after everyone and catering to their needs is a quick way to burn out and will lead to feelings of resentment. It’s okay to be a little bit selfish sometimes. And when you stand up for yourself and create boundaries, you quickly see that taking time for yourself is crucial. 

  • You Can Set Boundaries

If you want to stand up for yourself and establish how you expect others to treat you, then setting boundaries is the way to go. And when you stand up for yourself, you realise how capable you are of doing just that. A boundary is essentially an action or behaviour that you won’t tolerate from others. It’s what you’re willing to hear, accommodate, or put up with. 

  • You Deserve Respect

There’s a close connection between low self-esteem and being a pushover. The moment you start standing up for yourself is the moment you realise that you deserve respect. You can say that respect is earned, but there is a basic level of respect all humans deserve. You deserve to be heard and to have your feelings validated. That’s an important reminder you should always carry with you. 

  • You Can Stand Up For Yourself 

This might sound like circular thinking but standing up for yourself once is an excellent reminder that you are capable of standing up for yourself again and again.