Top 10 Things You Can Learn When You Let Your Guard Down

Letting your guard down is not easy to do. For this reason, many try to avoid doing this but avoiding this act can do more harm than good. There is much to be learned when you take the chance of letting your guard down. This article highlights the top ten things you can know when you take the leap and allow yourself to be vulnerable. 

1. More Happiness: One of the best things you can learn from letting your guard down is how to experience more happiness. When we have our guards up, it keeps us from being our true selves and from being able to enjoy life to the fullest because we are always worried or concerned. As we learn to let go and be free, we can experience moments and people at their fullest, leading to more profound moments of happiness. 

2. Less Loneliness: Letting your guard down is a way to help establish meaningful relationships with other people. As you do this, you have more people in your life that you can enjoy and be vulnerable to, leading to less loneliness. Having this pool of people you can confide in and engage with can help prevent the isolation that leads to loneliness. 

3. More empathy: When you let your guard down, you can learn to be more understanding. Something about being vulnerable yourself helps you realise the need to and relative ease of relating to other people and their experiences. As you let your guard down and share more, you’ll be more open to what others share, which will help you to have more empathy. 

4. More Authenticity: Letting your guard down is an excellent way to help you learn to be more authentic. When your guard is up, you spend much time hiding and trying to present how you feel others would best receive you. This often means that you are giving a version of yourself that is not truly aligned with who you are. 

But when you let your guard down, you are allowing people to see you for who you indeed are and trusting them to accept/embrace you in this manner. Thus, you learn to stop caring what other people think and find the freedom to be the person you are in all spaces and arenas. 

5. Deeper Connection: The more authentic you can be and the more understanding you learn to become as a result of letting your guard down, the deeper the connections you’ll be able to form with other people. 

People will respond to you based on what you put out. If you offer vulnerability, authenticity, and understanding, they will perceive you as a safe and trustworthy place. As a result, they are more likely to respond to you in an authentic, experience, and transparent manner that allows both parties to feel cared for and connected in a meaningful way. 

6. Greater Confidence: You can learn to be more confident by letting your guard down. It can be a scary and uncomfortable process to be vulnerable in this manner. However, leaning into the discomfort and letting your guard down teaches you to believe in yourself and your ability to do hard things. Seeing that you can overcome obstacles and pain will empower you to continue to face difficult things in life. 

7. Self-Worth: Letting your guard down requires a high level of vulnerability, but when you do it and are accepted and received by others, it can help show you the value and worth you have. 

When others can receive the authentic version of yourself that you present from letting your guard down, you’ll see the good you have to offer just being you. This means you will no longer need to misrepresent yourself or conceal yourself because you’ll know the importance and significance of who you are and how you are. 

8. How to Work Through Mistakes: When you let your guard down, you expose your lack of knowledge or skill in a particular area, leading to mistakes and mishaps. Letting your guard down and experiencing this shows you that it is simply a part of life and is completely okay. 

When mistakes are made, they can be worked through and overcome and should not serve to define us. Instead, we see that we can learn from them and apply that knowledge to future situations to achieve success. 

9. What Your Needs Are: When you can let your guard down, you can also learn more about your specific needs. This allows you to pause and reflect on your current state honestly and determine what might be lacking from your life that would benefit you or get you closer to your goals. You can then develop a plan for how to get those needs met, so you don’t continue experiencing lack. 

10. How to Cope with Emotions: When you let your guard down and are vulnerable, you often uncover a host of emotions (some not so appealing) that you must learn to overcome if you want to progress in life. 

Letting your guard down forces you to face these emotions rather than mask them or pretend they are non-existent. In doing so, you learn healthy coping mechanisms that allow you to process how you feel and genuinely move forward instead of burying things so that your emotions don’t come back to hurt you later down the line. 

Final Thoughts

Letting your guard down is one of the healthiest exercises you can engage in. While not the most comfortable feeling, you will find that you benefit immensely and experience significant growth and progress as a result.