Why Women Need To Define Who They Are To Gain Self-Empowerment

Do you know how to define self-empowerment or what it looks like? More importantly, do you know how you can become self-empowered? If you have ever felt like you were being dominated by someone else or overwhelmed by demands, then there’s a good chance you aren’t particularly self-empowered.

That feeling of powerlessness is frustrating, and whatever challenges you may face, you are only one decision away from taking control of your life. Understanding that gets to the root of self-empowerment.

The basis of self-empowerment is taking control of your life and making positive decisions that further your efforts to achieve what you want. Self-empowerment is closely linked to self-confidence and self-esteem. That doesn’t mean you have to go it alone – you can build a strong support team to encourage and guiding you when needed.

Self-empowerment can feel different based on different personalities and circumstances.

Jen and Jess work in the same office as sales reps. They have both been in their positions for several years. Neither has applied for a promotion at that time, though they both have the knowledge, skills, and numbers to climb the ladder.

Are Jen and Jess empowered?

Jen is empowered because she loves her job precisely as it is. She has been invited to apply for a senior role, and she made a conscious choice to pass on it because she is happy where she is. She wasn’t interested in adding extra responsibility and stress to her job, but she knew if her circumstances changed, she could raise it again.

Jess, on the other hand, is endlessly frustrated. She wants the additional responsibility because she wants more job satisfaction, a bump in her income, and meaning. She’s convinced she would be turned down if she applied for the latest promotion.

She feels powerless to change her situation, so she doesn’t bother. Jess is trapped in a vicious circle; she lacks opportunity because she isn’t self-empowered. And she will never find self-empowerment because she lacks the motivation to chase it.

Before women can find self-empowerment, they need to define who they are. One of the biggest drivers of self-empowerment is a deep understanding of who you are and what you want out of life.

When you feel a distinct lack of power in your life, it can knock on your self-esteem and confidence levels. But in developing your self-awareness, you can understand why it feels like that, and you can address your actions and emotions.

Establish your sphere of control, the extent you believe you control your destiny, and understand that a growth mindset will help you develop both.

Take a look at your strengths, define your weaknesses, and don’t be afraid to do something to address both. You can build on your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and know yourself as much as possible. In doing so, you will have an easier time identifying your goals.

Once you know yourself, you will learn more about what you want. You can also look at developing your weaknesses and strengths to help achieve your goals.

The best way to measure your self-empowerment success is to look at how much of an impact it has had on your life. If you are closer to your goals or you have succeeded in achieving a goal, then it’s a clear sign that you have empowered yourself.

If you haven’t succeeded yet or don’t feel things have moved forward, then you still have a bit of work to do on the self-empowerment front. Ultimately, it’s a journey, and you will get there –be kind and patient with yourself.