You are more powerful than you believe you are!

I watched a video the other day of an elephant taking down a tree. I don’t even know what he wanted to take down the tree for. It was a dry acacia tree with no fruit and if he wanted to eat the leaves, he could have got to them without taking down the tree. Maybe he was upset and needed to vent at the tree. Who knows? I’ve seen other video of these animals overturning large vehicles too.

What I saw in the videos was a demonstration of the immense power that an elephant possesses. With just a few thrusts, the tree was down. Powerful creatures those ones.

Today, I saw an interesting story about elephants in captivity. Adult elephants were tethered to a tiny tree trunk using a simple rope. They “obeyed” the limitations imposed by the rope and little tree trunk. The handlers explain that the elephants are first tethered to the little tree trunk when they are babies. At that time, they are too small to break away. As babies, they may have tried several times to break away from the tether, failed all the time and got to the conclusion that it’s impossible to break away from that tether. That belief remains with them in adulthood so that even though they have become more powerful than the little tree trunk and tiny rope, they still believe and are limited by them. An animal that has the power to take down a huge tree believes that a tiny rope prevents it from moving.

How true is that analogy for us humans too? It’s unlikely that we have physical ropes limiting us. But we certainly have self-limiting beliefs that cause us to have inertia when we think of attempting something. We don’t run boldly towards our dreams because we believe we can’t. Usually, those beliefs are not true.

Lesson: You are more powerful, intelligent, etc than you believe you are. Do not act on or fail to act on matters because of your self-limiting beliefs. Continually review your belief system. Is what you believe to be true really true? Is it factual? Have circumstances changed since you last locked in that knowledge in your mind as “truth”?