You are the creator of your world

Your life will be whatever you create it to be. Where you are now is a result of the thoughts, decisions and actions that you have taken in the past. You can shape your future into anything you want it to be by adjusting your thoughts, decisions and actions.

I recently heard a clipping of the late Miles Monroe speaking. He said that there is one thing that God does not have power over. That thing is man’s will. God made us so that we have free will. Our will is so powerful that it can go against God’s will. When I heard Mr. Monroe say that, I pondered it for a bit. My God is almighty, all powerful. He is the creator of the world. He willed the world into existence. He willed you and me into existence. I started to doubt whether Miles Monroe was truly a believer. How can he say that God has no power over our will?!

But as I pondered over that thought for a few day, I began to understand what Miles Monroe meant. God created us in His own image. In essence, we are a manifestation of God. All the power of God is in us. Therefore that also means that if we go for something with all our energy, we can get it. Yes, even if it goes against God’s will for us. I believe that there are times when God will intervene and stop us from doing something that He really does not want us to do but for the most part our will can cause us to do great things for Him.

We are eternal beings. Made in God’s own image and with the power of the Holy Spirit within us. How wonderful it would be if we stayed in God’s will then used the power within us to accomplish what He created us to be. He did not create us to be wimpy, scaredy-cats. He created us to bring Him glory.

Go into the world, go with the full force of the Power that is within you and give God the glory that He deserves.